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Sunday, October 5, 2014

He makes my heart go pitter patter

Does your husband make your heart go pitter patter still too?

Well mine does, but more often its more like a pound, pound, pound sort of feeling. Like this weekend for instance...

We decided on Friday it would make an awesome date night to visit the ER. When we go on these dates it is always such a decision.

Do we attempt KU? NO. NEVER. HATE their ER.
Do we attempt Liberty? Sure, we love them. They just can't handle Jerry. And they tend to be busy at night.
So we decided Cameron ER would be a nice quiet place for our Friday Evening Date.

It was a good decision. The Dr on duty was great. We've never had him before. Only he didn't have great news. Jerry went in for abdominal swelling and pain. It was sort of a sudden swelling/pain, which was the reason for concern. Jerry needs to see his GI doc this week to be sure, but it looks like Jerry has Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis. Um, that is serious stuff. Google it. We got Jerry home after a late night, settled in with some new meds, etc.

Saturday night Jerry decided he just couldn't get enough of our Friday date night and so he decided to repeat the process only this time with more bells and whistles. He has been having pain for a couple of weeks and thought it was his sciatic nerve but then, late last night the pain was unbearable and we couldn't even get him to the car. I had to call an ambulance to transport him for me. It seems he has developed a blood clot or clots in his leg. Classic DVT. Classic in that he needs shots in his stomach every 12 hours at the least until Monday morning at which time we need to get him to KU so that they can do an ultrasound. Most DVT patients take Coumadin for 6 months. Jerry cannot take Coumadin.

I feel the need to gently remind you that he has already had multiple strokes and is already on the strongest blood thinner his liver can tolerate. (I am not so sure its tolerating.)

We leave in a couple of hours to go for our evening shot run. And again tomorrow. Then I wait by the phone for one of the doctors to call. Not sure which will call first. It is my prayer that he just gets admitted to KU tomorrow and they handle it all from there. Then I can come home and have a good cry after I do some work and feed the boys and snuggle with them. Then I can put them to bed and say my prayers and ask God to either heal him or take him. Just please, fix him. Relieve his pain.

Jerry and I are working on his will this week. And other wishes. His mother has been called in. Again. Now we are not saying he is on deaths doorstep. We are just...being prepared. He could go in the next minute.. OR

Perhaps...just will be the same as two years ago and he will pull through all this mess and hang on to give me more pitter patters or thump thumps or roller coaster rides since he likes to make life exciting. I am all FOR IT. Let's go Jerry!