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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

And now is when I get all human on myself...

Today.. we had to make a decision to keep Jerry home. Its not an easy one..I'll get to that in a minute.

First I will say that after arm twisting, Jerry has an appointment in two weeks at the liver center. They said "to be aware that we will be discussing all the treatment options". Not really sure what that means since we have already discussed the expensive one. But, of course, that statement wasn't necessary as we had no intention of leaving that appointment without discussing them. We consider the appointment a victory because yesterday morning the treatment center had said not to come in until mid October. After telling them that is not acceptible I guess they finally decided to read Jerry's charts from the hospital and bumped it up considerably.

We really like Jerry's KU team.. except the transplant (liver) treatment center. He's just a number for them. For example, his gastro doc's office was scheduling a post hospital evaluation before we left the parking garage when Jerry got released. This is typical of KU..except, um, the place that we need the most attention from at this time.

Anyway, that's that and we sit until the end of August.

SO.. Jerry can not work. Which leaves us in a bit of a pickle. He did go talk to his personnel dept today and it seems we can try for shared work leave next month. (too late for this month. sigh. ) He is not eligible for any disability for work until he misses 90 days.

So.. it seems we just squeeze by until.. ummm. (Here is where I am getting all HUMAN).. I have NO idea how we are going to get by. Now, of course, I will leave it up to God. I mean..I have no choice but to do that. Thank goodness because that is the best place to leave it. But.. I am a woman. And I like to worry. And even Jerry is concerned about a few things. Here are the concerns that have me a bit on the agitated side tonight which will cause me to pull away from work (the facebook always communicating part)  and pretty much want to be alone to come to terms with how to handle it. You will also hear my fussy come out in the following words because I am agitated (and human). I think after I post this I need to go hide. Since I always have a little bug attached to my side maybe he and I will go on a evening hike to get mom's worries and agitations all hiked away. Well anyway, here are the I have no ideas but it is what it is...

1) We have to pay insurance for Jerry out of pocket. With less income. Someone asked me if ObamaCare kicked in or came into play here. Nope. I applied for it (because it was the law) and I am exempt from paying for it because we are too low income. And that was before we lost Jerry's income. So, I will remain without any insurance and we will pay Jerry's, and God has that all figured out how because I sure don't.

2) Jerry has to pay child support for his two parently kidnapped kids. Most of you know the story, not going there right now for those that don't . There are some old blog posts around here somewhere if you dig hard enough. Point is..Jerry is concerned that he will go to prison for not paying the child support. I was in shock. I asked him, " How in the world can they put an old sick man in prison when he's too sick to work? "
His reply..they do it all the time. He works in a prison. He sees it all of the time.

3) We are considering me getting a part time job to make ends meet a wee bit more. I could work the weekends while Amy watches Stephen. I could also work a few hours in the mornings. I know most of you will say this is impossible with trying to juggle Ozark as well, but sometimes in the midst of strife we achieve the impossible thanks to strength that is not our own. I don't know. We will have to have a family meeting about this topic in the next couple of days.

In the meantime my teenager is driving me crazy because he does not seem to understand the concept of "leave me alone". You would think after all these years he would 'get it' when mom is stressing it is best to just give me space.
Ha! he is standing over my shoulder and will read this. Wave hi to him.

Ps I owe emails back to a couple of you. I tend to save the longer ones when I want to send a nice long reply until I have a moment alone to send a nice long reply. Coming soon, promise!!